Turning Adversity into Advantage

"The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand, as in playing a poor hand well."  H.T. Leslie

Join Teena for a trip, rich with positive choices for change. The road map leads the audience from sprint of crisis to the marathon of growth.

This inspirational presentation is for anyone who has had change in their lives – or knows they will. Teena's book and this presentation present, and answer the question – What would you do if everything in your life changed overnight? You will hear wonderful insights on enhancing innate resilience, the importance of everyday leadership, the power of purpose, the contagiousness of courage, and how hope; forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude shape not just our feelings, but affect us physically. Teena will take the audience through a fun filled tour of the mind-body connection and show how we can use what nature gave us to protect and care for ourselves – and others. Teena believes our thoughts affect our feelings and our feelings affect our behaviors and that these cognitive reframes are one way of gaining control in what may seem, at times, like an out of control world. Teena's favorite direction is forward and this inspiring story holds the audience rapt, and leaves them inspired, motivated and armed for change. We cannot control all of the events that happen in our lives – but we can make a choice as to how we respond. Join Teena for this motivational, laugh-filled, inspirational, content rich and wonderful story about two people who made the choice to be determined to have great lives, rich with fun and contribution – no matter what! 

Learning Points:

  • Overcoming Adversity through Action
  • Hard-Wired to Benefit from Happiness, Hope, Laughter, Forgiveness and Contribution
  • The Myth of Balance
  • The Sandwiched Life – Reframing Selfish
  • The Role of the Mind-Body Connection in Self Care
  • Reframes – Learning to See What is Right
  • Resilience and Leadership
  • The Power of Inspiration and Positive Choices
  • Opportunity vs. Privilege – How we Grow
  • Reframing Dysfunctional and the Role of Optimism in Success
  • The Importance of Recognizing and Using Our Strengths

“Hope is the conduit that takes us from fear to courage”  Teena Cahill

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