How Happiness & Laughter Affect Peak Performance
at Work & at Home

Great new research into happiness, laughter, positive attitude, the value of contribution, how to increase resilience, enhance wellness, and manage stress is hitting the newsstands everyday! It is a new world – one where we understand the value in looking at what is right with each person, not what is wrong!

Join Dr. Teena Cahill for fun, lots of laughter, stories about happiness and growth, and a trip through the feedback loop that may lead to our greatest happiness. See how optimism is linked to happiness, leadership, and even greater productivity in the workplace. Hear about strategies to increase happiness, boost a sense of well-being and benefit from our inherent ability to grow, change and contribute to others.

What is happiness, anyway?

Researchers tell us that happiness is not a "laugh a minute" but rather being in a situation that we like- one that we do not want to greatly change. What makes us happy- pleasure, contribution, shopping or golf? This fun filled program will cover the latest research into happiness and well-being, the physical effects of laughter, the value of contribution, happiness at home and at work, and how the brain picks up on what is funny. Join Teena for great fun, great content and a good time!

Learning Points:

  • Does Money Buy Happiness?
  • Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace
  • What People Want at Work 
  • Weaving Webs of Connectedness/Relationships and Overcoming Adversity
  • DNA/Pleasure and Contribution
  • What Makes Us Laugh?
  • Opportunity vs. Privilege/How to Be a Laugh Leader
  • Building Resilience/ Mind-Body Feedback Loop
  • Thoughts, Feelings and Physiological Reaction
  • How the Mind and Body Respond to Laughter
  • What Makes Something Funny?
  • Gratitude/Expectations/Cost Benefit Ratios
  • Does Charity Matter?/The Big Hole
  • Getting Outside of Ourselves
  • Purpose/Contribution/Hope and Happiness

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